At the moment the only institute in Hungary that offers a high-level shiatsu education is the International School of Shiatsu Budapest. Our school follows the guidelines and teaching method of the International School of Shiatsu Austria (I.S.S.Ö.) Its main aims are to popularize shiatsu by getting the widest range of people acquainted with its bases and approach, and to train and qualify people as shiatsu therapists.

In Hungary shiatsu is an officially recognized teaching activity. After finishing the school course, those who want to be able to legally engage in the practice of Shiatsu must take an exam given by in the GYEMSZI (National Institut for Quality- and Organizational Development in Healthcare and Medicines). The exam is offered only in Hungarian.

The founder and lead teacher of the school is Eszter Madocsai, a therapist recognized by the Austrian Parent Organization for Shiatsu (Österreichischer Dachverband für Shiatsu). She earned an international degree in 1997 from the International School of Shiatsu (I.S.S.Ö.) in Graz, and she completed her teacher training at the I.S.S.Ö. in 2001-2002 where her teachers were Thomas Prett and Christian Schnabl, Jörg Schürpf and Saul Goodman.

She earned a degree for alternative movement and massage therapist in 1999 at the institution GYEMSZI (National Institut for Quality- and Organizational Development in Healthcare and Medicines) in Hungary. She is a national expert and examiner of the GYEMSZI in the department of AMM (Alternative Movement and Massage Therapist). She has have experience in shiatsu therapy since 1994 and has given shiatsu courses since 1998. She speaks English and German.

Eszter Madocsai is the author of the following basic works:

The Way to the Inner Harmony - Do-in
DVD included

Shiatsu - Attitude and Practice
DVD included

Since 2002, the teachers of different schools in Europe have frequently been invited to teach in the International School of Shiatsu Budapest in the third and fourth semester and for special courses.

The school operates in the XI district in Budapest, at Budafoki street 9-11. I/2. near to the Hotel Gellért. There are places for bicycles in the curtilage.

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