Eszter Madocsai, who I frequently met with in the past 18 years in Hungary or in other European countries, is a professionally competent and highly experienced shiatsu therapist and shiatsu teacher. In the past two decades as one of the pioneers of shiatsu and as the leader of the International Shiatsu School of Budapest she gained significant merits in promoting shiatsu in Hungary. She provides well founded professional education and thoroughly prepares her students for their profession. (Hamburg, 2011)

Wilfried Rappenecker Med. Univ.
Leader of the School of Shiatsu Hamburg

It has been ten years since I am teaching in the International Shiatsu School in Budapest and on every occasion it is a fantastic experience to feel the energy of this school. Liveliness, openness and above all professionalism is what describes Eszter and her teacher team. As the regular guest teacher of the 3rd semester it always makes me happy to take notice of the high level of quality knowledge being typical to the students here. Therefore teaching them and support their development to become great shiatsu professionals is a real pleasure. I am looking forward to the inspiring future collaboration with Eszter and her team. I am grateful for Budapest for all the nice experience together. (Peggau, 2013)

Herbert Wiesenhofer
Shen Shiatsu Institut Peggau, Austria
Regular guest teacher of the International School of Shiatsu Budapest

We have known Eszter Madocsai personally for 19 years. We met her being a shiatsu student, assistant, teacher, and the leader of the International School of Shiatsu Budapest. Eszter Madocsai proved her exceptional professional knowledge, didactical and methodological excellence which is characterized by social competence, creativity and devoted seriousness. As we are both teaching in her school in the last semester of the shiatsu training we are constantly experiencing the high level of her education. We both declare that the education in the International School of Shiatsu Budapest represents the highest quality providing the graduates with the ability to give highly professional shiatsu treatment.

For this reason we recommend Eszter Madocsai and her students as absolutely competent professionals being appropriate for treating employees of any company or organisation suffering from work related back pain or stress symptoms.

We wish all good for Eszter Madocsai and her colleagues in their personal and professional future. (Graz, 2009)

Christian Schnabl und Thomas Prett
directors of the International School of Shiatsu Austria

Thank You for the invitation to teach the "Hara" class in Level IV in Your Shiatsu school in Budapest and the warm and open atmosphere You offered me . I really enjoyed this three days filled with concentrated work, intensive exchange of high levelled shiatsu knowledge and also a lot of fun. I was especially surprised by the specific questions and the high willingness of the students. So we had the chance to do a lot more than I had planned to do in this course.

But it was not only the professional quality that showed up in this course: It also was the social competence in communicating and acting inside the group - this was definitely the "Shiatsu-Spirit" I like so much!

Congratulation to You, Your teachers and assistants - You are doing great job in the deep sense of Shiatsu. (Linz, 2011)

Gerhard Dirschl
Shiatsu therapist and teacher, Linz, Austria

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