The Hungarian Shiatsu Foundation (MASA) is a public benefit organization which was established in 1999. Its main aim is to make shiatsu well known in Hungary as well as providing high-level training in the International Shiatsu School Budapest (NSI).

Achieved results

In the past 15 years the foundation successfully established and provided the conditions for an effective shiatsu education in Hungary. More than 1500 participants completed our basic training and several hundreds attended the upper level courses of whom 70 up to the degree level. Several certified professionals have since become teachers. All of our courses are certified by GYEMSZI (National Institute for Quality- and Organizational Development in Healthcare and Medicines).

We regularly provide financial grant for our students in need, we organise supportive shiatsu courses for parents and grandparents.

To support the promotion of shiatsu and the related healing methods in Hungary we funded the publication of two books with DVD annexes, training materials and regular articles in the printed and online media.

We maintain good relationship with respected foreign shiatsu professionals who are returning guest teachers of our courses.

This year we participated the annual European Shiatsu Congress in Kiental for the third time.

Eszter Madocsai, Diego Sanchez, Wilfried Rappenecker
European Shiatsu Conference, Kiental 2014

In autumn 2014 the Hungarian Shiatsu Foundation was accepted as a guest member of the International Shiatsu Network (ISN).

László Bencze (MASA), Frank Seemann (ISN)
European Shiatsu Conference, Kiental 2014

We signed a collaborating agreement with the Hungarian Hospice Foundation (MHA) to provide scholarship for special shiatsu courses for their volunteer carers who work with terminally ill patients.

Dr. Katalin Muszbek,      László Bencze,        Cecília Rónai
Medical Director (MHA) Chairman (MASA) Managing Director (NSI)


The Hungarian Shiatsu Foundation is a public benefit organization; it can be supported with funds paid to the bank account below:

UniCredit Bank

HUF: 10918001-00000028-60670007

You can make a donation with PayPal:

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